Tokenization of farmland

through blockchain facilitates security, reliability and simplicity for community transactions.


B2B2C Marketplace where land owners and farmers publish their land or actual productions.

Consumers are able to lease the land and obtain the production


A marketplace of Land Tokens enables the rights to use the products with smart contracts.


The community defines the way how to produce organically. Community certifies the farming process ensuring quality in every step and rates the process and production from farmers.




Farmers in developed and developing countries are 'forced' by market conditions to use extremely intense agricultural practices.

Pesticides, genetically modified seeds and early crop harvesting are all used in an effort to keep up with market forces and maintain a farmer’s razor-thin margin.


End customers are buying food that may have been shipped for weeks at a time, and for premium prices you never being sure of the true quality of what they are about to eat.

Also, farmers are not producing more as the risk involved of all chain. If we change the chain starting from the consumer, it will be easier to control waste and production.





Consumers are suffering the middle-man market abuse where choosing organic is getting more expensive every year.


Daniel Masllovet


  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

Daniel is the visionary member of the team and a natural leader and motivator. He has a deep experience in IT Project Management and Technology Consultant. He has been IT Corporate Manager and has strong organizational skills. He has the ability to communicate functional and technical information influence a wide and varied audience. He have been suffered obesity and paleo-lifestyle change his life.

Angelos Kokkidis


  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

Angelos is a data scientist and software developer. His experience in software development has extended to Ethereum smart contract development and Solidity. He is a PhD holder in Data Mining and an MBA graduate of American University. He has launched a startup company in the area of tourism in 2002, has written two books and published scientific papers.


Zuzana Kudelova



  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

Zuzana has deep experience in leading business development and operations coming from a successful B2B SaaS marketplace acquired by Gartner (NYSE:IT) in 2015. Her paleo journey started in 2011, since then she’s developed a breadth of knowledge and passion for helping people make healthier life choices. Agrotech &fintech are one of the keys to the next revolution so she’s on board.


Oscar Cortijo


  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, Master of Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Marketing and Sales Specialist he started eat organic when he moved to New York 9 years ago as a Regional Manager of a cosmetics corporation as he believe is the key to be healthy.




Idea Starts




Devolpment MarketPlace and Concept



Beta Marketplace Launch
Institutional Investors

Q1 2019







EcoSystem Development

Marketplace Launch

Q4 2019


Launch Wallet & Exchange

Q4 2020



Expansion & Decentralization



Paleocoins can be acquired during the Pre-ICO and ICO process. Ownership of Paleocoins will be the only means of participation in the Paleocoin ecosystem. After the ICO Paleocoins will be available for purchase in various direct exchanges. No new Paleocoins will be minted. Any unsold Paleocoins will be burned. New members of the paleo ecosystem will need to purchase their Paleocoins from existing members.

Pre-ICO: November/December 2018: Whitelisted members

(price depending on volume asked)

ICO Sale I: Jan 1st – Jan 31st: 30% discount (7 Euros = 1 Paleocoin)

ICO Sale II: Feb 1tst – Feb 28th: 15% discount (8,5 Euros = 1 Paleocoin)

ICO Sale III: Mar 1st - Mar 31st: (10 Euros = 1 Paleocoin)

The ICO proceeds will be used to fund the following activities:

Team, Advisors and Bounty tokens will be locked and released gradually (1% of the tokens every week starting from the exchange listing date).

Unsold tokens will be burned.





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